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We have created a software that gives you Total Control over your Car Rental Rates Advanced analytics at your fingertips


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We offer a lot in one package, here are our highlights

  • Easy to Customize

    We want you to save time, not spending more time learning a new software. That’s is why have made it real simple to change all the settings within your reach

  • Clean & Careful Design

    Easy on the eye,less intimidating yet powerful Car Rental Rate data

  • Fixed fees

    No where else will you find anyone being able to give you a fixed price. But we can thanks to our cutting edge technology and system.

  • Manual Rate Updating

    Update as many or as few rates as you wish with our Maual Rate module

  • Full Admin Control

    With Rate Tracker Admin module you can create users on the go

  • Hand holding from start

    Rate Tracker is build to be used right away. As a first time user we will guide you through a short setup process. Once this wizard is done, we will take you to your Administrator dashboard

About Us

We are the rare combination of great development teams and in house branch expertize with years of experience in all fields. We’d say we have an idea of what you might need.

Our Story

It really begun with the need of being able to handle the day to day business and not worrying about spending time and resources on monitoring rates. Rate Tracker was also born out of the need to eliminate the factor of human error. We can finally say that we have something worth bragging about.

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